The crayon concept.
More concept.
Less crayon.

You are probably wondering why we have the Crayon theme on our website and why on earth you would hire a team caught up with colouring?

We have 2 very simple reasons.

First reason.

PD is a team of creative thinkers. All of our designs start from scratch. We start with a bunch of  sharpened pencils, sharpened crayons, and sharpeners come in handy sometimes and so do erasers.

Once our utensils are in place the design begins.

Your design starts from a sketch on paper by Joe. It's the birth of something spectacular, yet still needs some creative finess.

Discussions around our big imaginary round table with the team begins. It helps bring things into perspective.

After all concepts are in place, off the sketches go to your designer Nim. Colours are sampled, picking ones that best represent you.

Out comes the transformed design, pinned up to admire and the rest is a beautiful collaboration between PD & client.

Second reason.

Our professionalism in this field and our artistic concepts are all inspired by our little creations. Our children infuse youthful energy into our blood streams and they are the ones that keep that little child in us alive. Mind you this doesn’t mean our designs are child like. We have the ability to mould our brains and creative thinking to match your business. We have designed pieces for companies on opposite ends of the spectrum and everything in between as well. Our design portfolio encompasses pieces created for engineering companies to landscaping companies to dental clinics to restaurants and cafes. We just have this natural ability to make your company look good online and in print.

Reach Out.

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