Brother & Sister.
The best of both worlds.

Imagine a brilliant, enthusiastic, profressional, creative and dedicated individual responsible to help market your business.

Now multiply that by 2, and you get us.

Jyoti Panchal

The name Jyoti, derived from the ancient Hindu language Sanskrit, means "light" and "brilliance". Fitting...

Owner & Creative Director

  Meet your first point of contact Jyoti Panchal.The first name throws quite a bit of people off, but really it is easy as pie. Call me Jody or Joe.I am here to enthusiastically guide you on the right design, print & digital track. As I tell a lot of people I have a love affair with design and watching it transform into quality digital & print media for your business makes me all giddy.

Where was I born?

  February is a beautiful month full of love and that is when I graced planet earth. I landed in Birmingham, England and moved to Toronto, Ontario when I was ten. I had an awesome British accent and people only wanted to be my friend because I spoke so differently.

What led me here?

   I started at Chartland Junior Public School and then hopped literally across the field to Henry Kelsey Public School. After that it was endless bus, RT & subway rides to Albert Campbell Collegiate and then Centennial College where I took up a business program. Shortly after graduating with a decent GPA I migrated to Ryerson University where I walked out with a degree in Marketing and Ecommerce.

   The latter part of my years at Ryerson University taught me some strong sales tactics. I walked out thinking I never wanted to be in sales but low and behold my first job was in the advertising sales industry. I currently still work in this field and do not see myself doing anything else. The crucial deadlines, the team work, the idea generation, the media consulting, the creative artwork, the meetings, the connection with different business owners and the pressure is something I have embraced and love. After being in the advertising field for five years and nurturing my creative side, I decided to wear another hat – the hat of an entrepreneur. I was ready to start my own company. PanchalDesigns was a name simply chosen to represent the owners.

Projects in the works.

Children’s Book

   Yes, I am fiercely working on publishing my own children’s book. I have a beautiful boy, three gorgeous nieces and a dapper of a nephew. These innocent wonders are my inspiration. One day an idea emerged and the rest they say is history.


   Since I was in high school I took up writing poetry, but it was not until 2010 that I seriously dived into it again. Besides my children’s book I am in the process of writing yet another book that tells a tale between two people that is set in a series of poems.

Nimesh Panchal

The name Nimesh, well, doesn't really have an origin.
Let's just say I'm one of a kind.

Owner & Chief Designer

   Meet the man behind the magic. You will likely never shake my hand, hear me speak, or send me any emails. But don't worry, I do exist and I'm working on bringing the imaginative concoction brewed by Jyoti into digital, web and print reality. Oh, and you can call me Nim.

How did this all begin?

   Well, it happened some time after high-school. It was the beginning of a digital era no one had expected. iPods that could hold thousands of songs, movies that could fit on a piece of plastic smaller than a thumbnail, and information so easily accessible it became almost impossible to tell a fib. I needed to be part of this revolution.

   The demand to have a product or service stand out amongst the competition was a challenge I wanted to be a part of. I felt compelled to help small businesses take full advantage of this growing trend by taking them digital. Soon after I discovered the beauty of colour and voila, the birth of something incredible started.

What inspires me?

   I have always been immensly tech savvy. My house is wired up with enough WiFi signals and digital tech it would make Iron Man blush, minus the R8.

   Perfectly straight lines and brushed aliminum is what inspires me. I don't like clutter as I find it leaves much to be debated and disliked. That's not to say my designs are like to a 1990 Volvo, but rather refined and modern. Clean colours and ligible text. It took me several years to find my footing and the design style I'm most comfortable with and I'm confident you will like it.

Uhm... what else?

   I work in Information Technology and I have for the last 10+ years, currently in the financial industry. My first "job" was with the Ministry of Natural Resources. It was a summer gig I landed in my younger years working along side a team of fellow student part-timers cleaning up park lands, waters and forests across Ontario. I soon moved on to a much less desired call centre job, selling credit cards, which lasted no more than a few months. It taught me a very valuable lesson in life, I can't sell for beans. Moving on, I joined Rogers Communications and invested 6 years of my life in IT. It's where I grew the most, got unparelled exposure to technology and worked with/for some of the most successful exectives in Canada, or as I like to call it, "white-glove" support.

   You are probably thinking, "Well, where's your design background." I don't have any. I'm self taught. I don't think creativity can be taught. You either dominate with your right-brain or you're left to settle with your left. Throughout the years I've learned to master Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, CCS3 and HTML5, everything your business needs to get noticed.

   My camera follows me almost everywhere I go. I believe there is an innate desire in many to be able to look back in time and relive a moment that brougt a feeling of joy, laughter, sadness or fear. I use my camera often for work as well. Whether it be the inside of your store or your products, we can help capture everything in pure, crisp megapixles-ness.

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