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Panchal Designs is a digital marketing agency helping small businesses strengthen their online presence and develop a beautiful print ready portfolio.

Designs for web.

One website. Infinite possibilities.

At Panchal Designs, we build fluid, beautiful, mobile friendly websites to showcase the best of what your company has to offer. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Multi Device Design

The obvious and most important benefit of responsive web design is the ability to easily adapt your content for various screen sizes. This allows incredible fluidity when browsing on mobile platforms with less clicking and more scrolling however immediately changes to a full scale website when viewed on a computer.

Greater Reach

As more browsing happens while mobile, being able to provide relavant information on smaller screens is an easy way of gaining a potential customer. Quick links, bold information, striking images all at the swipe of a finger.

Better User Experience

Have you ever found a great product online that you found using your computer and tried to show someone this product using your tablet, or mobile phone, only to see images squished, text not layed out correct or links all over the place? Responsive web design takes all that clutter and places it perfectly on the screen for whatever devices you are using.


Designs for print.

Hot off the press. And in your hands.

Your Digital
Print House

Business Cards
Restaurant Menus
Bar Menus
Photography Backdrops
Event Guest Posters
Magazine Ads
Newspaper Ads
Large Scale Posters

Essentially anything that can be printed, we will design.



Your home printer is great, for printing resumes and your kid's essays. When it comes to your business, leave it to the pros.

We've partnered with a local print house to provide you with the most cost effective printing solutions available. Bringing quality paper and ink to ensure your publications leap off the page.

Social Media Optimization.

Don't lift a finger.
We'll be your social butterfly.

Take your mobile site to a whole new level of brilliance by tightly integrating it with various social media groups allowing you to reach clients simply by word of mouth.

Easily share promotions, current work, updates and much more. Best of all, we'll do it all for you.

& Everything else.

Your one stop design shop.


We've joined forces with a premier web-hosting provider in the Greater Toronto Area. What does that mean for you? Nothing, really. Just 99% uptime, competitive pricing and an unbelievable pat-on-your-back for staying loyal to our Canadian entrepreneurs.

Basic package starting at only $5 / month
Domain name registration
5 email addresses
99% uptime

Digital Print

Computers are great for your business, but you aren't going to hand over your tablet to a potential customer. That's why having print ready material to leave behind with your clients is so important. Business cards, flyers, promotional items, we can get it printed. Quicker, easier and better looking. We know how to make you look good on paper.

Business Cards
Flyers and Brochures
Restaurant Menus
Large Format Banners
Greeting Cards
& much more

Product Photography

You could post your smartphone pictures of your products on Kijiji, if you work out of your garage. Let us help you showcase your business in beautiful, rich, high-quality stills using the latest in today's photography technology.

Restaurant Food
Engineering Products
Fashion Accessories
Tech Gear

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